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About us

Following a two-year competitive process, Mayor Eric Adams and the Trust for Governors Island announced in April 2023 that The New York Climate Exchange (“The Exchange”) was selected to develop a long-awaited center for climate solutions on Governors Island. Now operational, The Exchange will be a first-of-its-kind model for developing and implementing solutions to the global climate crisis in New York and around the world. With a physical home on Governors Island, The Exchange will use education, research, innovation, job training, and public programs to empower individuals and communities from all generations to participate in our collective response to the global climate crisis.


Our mission is to confront urgent climate impacts and issues of environmental justice, breaking down silos through an innovative, scalable, and sustainable model that will rapidly develop new urban climate solutions.


Through unprecedented collaboration between academic, corporate, government, and community-based climate leaders as well as cutting-edge facilities design, The Exchange will create a brighter, more sustainable future.