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The Plan

the plan

The Exchange’s future home on Governors Island is uniquely positioned to support education, research, innovation and commercialization, workforce development, and public programming. Before construction begins, we will host activities that prepare local and global communities to respond to climate challenges.
The Exchange’s physical presence and far-reaching programs will work together to:
  • Accelerate climate research on coastal urban environments,
  • Pilot new building technologies,
  • Display research findings,
  • Engage and develop a green workforce, and
  • Host programs that bring cutting-edge insight from academia, industry, government, and communities to life on and off the island.
Solutions that come from The Exchange will help address the climate crisis by creating customized, local strategies for New York City that can be adopted in other areas around the world. These actions will help ensure our cities are safe, livable, and vibrant for generations to come.


The Exchange will benefit students of all ages, teachers, researchers, New York residents, and communities around the globe.

Physical Plan

The Exchange will feature extraordinary new waterfront facilities and landscapes on Governors Island in New York Harbor.