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NYCE Announcement on the Passing of James Simons

NYCE Announcement on the Passing of James Simons


Words are insufficient to describe the incredible legacy of Jim Simons. As a mathematician he made incredible contributions to string theory, pattern recognition, and quantum field theory. During his career in academia he taught, mentored, and advised hundreds of students, while also founding the nonprofit Math for America, leaving a lasting impact on mathematics education across the country. Simons also revolutionized the private sector by pioneering the application of mathematics to hedge fund management as Founder of Renaissance Technologies, one of the most profitable firms in history.

Despite these incredible achievements, Jim Simons’ most enduring legacy is his deep generosity and lifelong commitment to philanthropy. In its 30-year history, the Simons Foundation has granted billions of dollars to dozens of organizations working on the most challenging issues of our time, including autism, scientific education, and climate change. The New York Climate Exchange is one of the most recent beneficiaries of the Simons Foundation’s tremendous generosity. Jim played an active role in the Foundation up until his death, and it is an incredible honor to be among the many worthy institutions selected as a partner.

We send our sincerest condolences to Jim’s wife Marilyn and the entire Simons family. We join them in celebrating his remarkable life.