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Jennifer Waters

Jennifer Waters

Maritime College, State University of New York



Dr. Jennifer Waters holds a bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Webb Institute and master’s and doctoral degrees in Ocean Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Waters is a highly accomplished and widely recognized professional engineer with broad experience in both naval architecture and ocean engineering.  For more than 25 years she was a member of USNA’s faculty, distinguishing herself as the Academy’s senior female civilian leader.  In her role as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Waters was the primary liaison between the Office of the Academic Dean & Provost, Athletics, Information Technology, Midshipmen (student) Medical, and the Commandant’s Office.  She managed all curricular matters for over 25 academic majors across more than 15 academic departments, ensured that 4,400 students satisfactorily meet academic and graduation requirements, and taught a broad range of courses.